Jaguar XF Limousine Hygiene Screen

Jaguar XF Limousine Hygiene Screen

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Wilcox Limousines have launched limousine bulkheads (division screens) which separate the driver from families, allowing funeral directors to use their limousines once again as part of funeral processions.

  • Minimal reduced visibility - Allowing passengers full forward vision and communication with the driver. Driver rear vision not impaired
  • Bespoke design - Offers minimal reduction in passenger area with maximum safety
  • OEM fit - The Hygiene Screens are made to the same design blueprints as the limousine manufacturer ensuring a clinical fit
  • High Quality - Superb technical materials ensure rigidity and durability
  • Easily removed - screen can be easily removed and refitted at a future date

The bulkheads are made from reinforced plastic and meet health and safety standards.

They are delivered via courier with all fixtures and fittings supplied. Fitting requires two people and a screwdriver.

Full instructions and guidance booklet are provided, Wilcox Limousines after sales team are here to support you and answer any additional questions.

Images shown are for illustrative purposes only and not accurate for this particular model of vehicle. 

Shipping - Takes between 2-4 weeks

EU registered design 007870274.